22nd May 2011

The pirates of In depth Scuba prepared, once again, to trek to the wilds of Jervis Bay, to see what in the area could be pillaged and taken hostage, there was even talk of mutiny!!

We found treasure maps, drank rum, but rather than making people walk the plank, instead we had people making planks!

After much fun and frivolity (and some chair stacking on top of people) we disembarked, having had another wonderful weekend on board. Until next time ye scurvy dogs!!


First time on board Ocean Trek, first time diving Jervis Bay and definitely not leaving disappointed. Had a great weekend, dive sites were fantastic and a pirate party to top it all off on Saturday night.

See you next time!!


Second time back, and it won’t be my last. A great weekend guys. Thanks for all the great times above and below the water.

See you next year scurvy dogs


First time on board Ocean Trek. Great diving and lots of fish. Had a Great weekend, The Pirate Party was lots of fun. Will be back again.

See you next time!!


Ocean trek virgin (and now she's had her way with me), thanks for a great trip, see you again….


Captain Scott be signing off now


Real-time live aboard diving. Bright and breezy crew who really feel the diving music. Very comfy boat and friendly atmos. Would love to repeat this J


Several outstanding diving features and fishes make you want diving time and time again… what about a huge 150 m swim through cave with a whirlpool hole dropping to 23m or an 20 m wide arch at 40m deep filled with few hundred fishes, yup possible if Ocean Trek can venture out the heads! Just loved it! Just need bigger tanks to stay longer and longer!

Asta la vista chickita!

Adam Manson

Thanks for providing an awesome weekend ,devils cauldron especially, great diving and fine crew service, tar.

Colleen G.

ARRRR gReat weekend, plenty of pirates and silliness, thanks Mick, Lynn and crew for the great hospitality, diving was good – loved Devils’ Cauldron, and getting outside the heads, truly spectacularrrrrr! Another wonderful IN DEPTH adentarrrr!