Hawker "Pass the Hose"

16th-18th May 2011

This trip was one of the most exciting dive trips I have ever been on. The dive sites were beautiful and full of a wide range of vibrant sea-life, the highlight of which were the Blue Gropers and the beautiful Weedy Sea Dragons. The crew on this trip provided amazing hospitality and an awesome menu for all three days.

The vibrant life was some of the most incredible I have ever, the Weedy Sea dragon was the highlight of this trip for me; with the loss of so many of our native aquatic species it was truly an honour to see some of these disappearing creatures. The hospitality of the crew was wonderful, they helped us with our scuba gear if we needed assistance and they feed us plenty of food. Ocean Trek is one of the best and most worthy experiences that I have ever had in my life.

We were quite lucky with some of our fish sightings; we spotted the Bleekers Blue Devil fish and an amazing turtle. It was so much fun trying to swim through hoops to practice our buoyancy and going through a swim through. The food really was wonderful, prepared by the friendly crew members who were always helpful and awesome.

Once again hawker college students were extremely lucky to get the opportunity to experience scuba diving whilst on Ocean Trek. Every year we learn more and more about diving and most importantly the aquatic environment. Thank you Lyn, Mick and Bob for giving us your time, knowledge and patience to make this trip another memorable and immaculate experience that we will treasure forever!!

Hawker College students were privileged to go on Ocean Trek. We saw amazing fish and some of us even got to see a turtle. From the turtle to the massive Wobbegong Sharks, we saw it all. A huge congrats has to go out to Lyn, Mick and Bob because letís face it; it is not easy spending 3 days with 14 teenagers. Ocean Trek was a great experience and one that I would defiantly do again. Thanks for the wonderful experience.

Ocean Trek was an overall, amazing experience. It was great to have access to such remote and stunning dive sites. Many thanks to the crew Ė Having people on board who had such a large amount of knowledge about everything scuba related was such a fantastic opportunity for all the Hawker College students. Even the early mornings seemed more than bareable with thoughts of up coming dives.