Reef Life Survey

14th-18th April 2010

Thanks Lyn and Mick, fantastic trip and productive. We greatly appreciate the flexibility and double drops to allow us to cover two sites at once. We’ll post some of the details like how many surveys we got done and how many species were recorded on the RLS website once we’ve had time to go through the data, but from first impressions, we would have seen as many species as previously and are happy with what we could get done given the conditions. We look fwd to next time! Thanks Rick

Big thanks to Lyn and Mick for helping us get so much done in such a short time frame, especially given the weather. Massive thanks to Bob for serving up so much yummo food, I won’t need to eat again for weeks! Hopefully see you guys next year! Toni

Thanks for making it a memorable weekend, particularly loved the the night diving!! MGM.

Thanks for a fun and friendly trip – and esp. To Bob for the great food. Diffs to last year: worse viz and choppy conditions for most dives. Need to ask those who analyase the data for the real changes… oh, and poachers must be reported and pursued relentlessly! AJG