21st-25th March 2011

Once upon a time a trio of brave Woodleighens, awarded the names of Alex, Jack and Mem ventured forth to the strange yet wonderous land of Jervis Bay. They soldiered on in sunshine and poor visibility. But that didn’t stop them. On their noble quest they sighted various fishies and many other marine creatures thanks to Ian and Scuba Steve. Many a fun night was had by all as we jumped off the boat and ate feasts fit for a king were not cooked but created by the mater chef Bob. Whilst some dives were missed, fun activities were arranged like strolling upon sandy beaches and learning great truths from the Maritime Museum. The gracious hosts looked after us very well and we would like to thank them immensely. A J & M signing off.

We awoke quickly and hard, but flopped back into our beds. Our dismay was due to the date. It was time to leave Jervis Bay. Our adventure began 5 moons ago, at the quiet and tree-hugging hub, that is Woodleigh School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. We aboarded the magic school bus, in which our long journey really began. Pak was primed, Josette was jolly, Dan was baked and Adam was keen. After a horrendously long trip travelling through a magic land, we finally arrived at Jervis Bay. After a slippery moon landing on the boat, we explored the vessel before settling down. The next few days were crammed with hardcore (naked) liquid magic. There was a snorkelling, a scuba diving and a boat jumping to be had by all. Sharks, rays, colourful and diverse fishery, white whales were common to the sight, thanks to Ian the Walrus and Scuba Steve. We were spoilt silly with scrumptious, delectable food prepared by Bob the Builder. And at night woed to bed by the luscious tone of lullabies that was Lyn and Mick’s music collection, from what era we’re not sure…The entire camp was made pleasurable by Mick and Lyn’s hospitality, they run an amazing boat, that’s really an education centre, hotel, restaurant, and snorkel and dive centre all in one. We apologise for the inconvenience that William R. Edhead, caused you. Thank you all very much, we hope/will see you again soon above or below the waves. Lots of Love, Dan Padula and Adam Lipszyc

Will and critaa would really like to thank all of the crew of Ocean Trek. We enjoyed seeing the creatures of Jervis like you would not believe, and we will never forget it, thanks babes. Will and Crit.

After a long wait, we finally arrived at Jervis Bay, apprehensive about the predicted weather, but excited none the less. After a brief introduction to the way of life on the boat, we made our way to bed. The next morning we discovered that our fears about the weather were misguided as we were greeted with a beautiful blue sky. That day we made our way to the eastern side of the bay for our first snorkel. We were very lucky in that we saw two grey nurse sharks about 1-1.5m long and some sting rays. These discoveries continued throughout the week as we moved from dive spot to dive spot, all the while with blue skies and full stomach’s from the delicious food made by Bob. Unfortunately, the wind picked up towards the end of our stay, but we made the most of the constantly blue skies and took a long walk along a deserted beach. Along with our many snorkels and dives, we spent much time diving off the boat and, with Crita attempting lots of back flips, there were many injuries to be had. We have all had a memorable time and we would like to thank all the crew for this. So thankyou, and we hope to see you all soon. Alanna, Alice and Joel

Jervis Bay wasn’t at first what we expected, there weren’t crystal clear waters and a gigantic yacht but as the camp progressed we discovered that Jervis Bay was in fact better. Jervis bay being a marine national park was home to an abundance of marine life, and when we had finished our spectacular dives we were welcomed back aboard by our gracious hosts, who even opened up the top gate to let us have more water fun.

Sam Borley Thomas Cumming Matt Dyer Dan Lindholm

DA GIRLZ. Thankyou so much Lyn, Mick, Bob, Ian and Steve for our personalised scuba experience. When we jumped on board the Ocean Trek, we were but novices of snorkel, scuba and all things wet. We embraced the Jervis Bay snorkelling world of cat fish, sharks, too many jelly fish to count, stingrays and a variety of tropical fish. We also had our first scuba experience. With all three of us girlies completing our ‘Discover Scuba Diving’ course.

For us some of the highlights were the majestic dolphins swimming beside our boat, the copious amounts of food (thanks Bob), watching the boyzz do numerous tricks jumping off the boat, laughing at Christian as Pak teased him and our sunbaking sesh’s. That’s Gigi, CC and Lin Lin signing off. Xx

From the "big Girl" who also had the unexpected opportunity of doing the DSD program … a HUGE thank you! It was something I had never imagined doing and I am so glad I did. What a different world it is under the surface - so spectacular and sort of "isolated" in a really special way. It’s a first hand look at what divers experience all the time – I now know the attraction! This is certainly a beautiful part of the world. We are very lucky to have had wonderful hosts and such caring and fun-loving assistants! The laughter and sun-kissed faces says it all!!! A camp I will never forget- thanks to all once again. Josette Whelan.