Dazza’s Adventures

20th March 2010

We left Liverpool with copious amounts of alcamahol, A few car loads of my best friend misfits, and Robbie from Qld. Before long the boys where asking for a loo stop, then again not long after that and so on and on and on. Before you know it we are in a traffic jam near Berry, We helped a damsel in distress get her car started then back on our way to see Auntie Lyn and my mate Mick! Anywho 3 hours later we rocked up to Husky pub, (I love that Place) Rain I say, didn’t worry us a bit……..

A few beers and watched Parramatta lose to Penrith, yee har….

Friday night on board and drinking that Polish Vodka was most peoples downfall…

Never again! Saturday and four dives later it was beer o’clock, great vis, up to 20 odd meters. Sunday morning after our early wakeup bell (ouch) we were back at it for 2 more dives.

Good diving, good food and great entertainment(Jackass 3). For the non divers it was an extremely tiring experience, next time I’ll be diving!

Nitrox and good food.

The perfect combination. Mick

First time aboard and it was marvellous. The crew, the diving, the food, the company were all fantastic. I’ll be back. Mark

Then there was the trip back to the wharf………and that’s another complete story.