Who works on Monday

11th-14th March 2011


Who works on Monday? Not me on Canberra Day- hooray!

It was a beautiful long weekend on Ocean Trek, with clear blue skies on Saturday and Sunday. The extra day of diving certainly adds a more relaxed feel to the trip.

There were loads of wobbegongs, blue devil fish on most dives on the north, sea dragons on the south, and warm 21 degrees water.

Thanks Mick, Lyn, Hattie, and Dave for another wonderful weekend away.


Is it Monday already? A couple of days on Ocean Trek and the rest of the world seems so, so far away, especially that bit associated with four-letter words, like "work"! It was another fantastic weekend of diving and chatting with new friends and familiar faces from previous adventures; a great time once again. Thank you Mick, Lyn, Hattie and Dave. Dave and Karen.

Like everyone else, I came on Ocean Trek to have the usual fun filled weekend that we have all come to expect. Unfortunately for me, after the first dive on Saturday, my dive mask with prescription lenses went missing. I tried a normal mask but with the murky water and inability to read my dive computer, the weekend quickly became a complete washout. I must learn to be more careful with my equipment, especially the items that can’t be replaced easily. Even so, socialising with like minded people is always enjoyable. Thank you Mick, Lyn, Hattie and Dave. Dave and Karen for your hospitality and help during my crisis.

Lynn N

OMG the place was lousy with elasmobranches. Plenty of wobbies and banjo sharks hiding in the kelp. 21 deg, vis variable from 5 to 20. Plenty of sun, lovely sunsets with the spectacular views of the cliffs. JB is the place to be on Canberra Day long weekend!

Ross xoxo

Another weekend on Ocean Trek. I went for 2 snorkels (thank you Hattie and Dave for taking me), I jumped off the top again that was fun but a bit scary. When I went snorkelling I went through the cave and came out the other end! I got to help again and yesterday Dave had to leave because he had to go to work today because its only a public holiday for Canberra. YAY CANBERRA’S BIRTHDAY, NO SCHOOL! But only for one day so not much of a difference L . Thank you Mick, Lyn, Hattie and Dave for another wonderful weekend. Oh, and Happy Birthday to my Mummy on Thursday!

Emily XOXO J

Another wonderful weekend on Ocean Trek – but this time better being a long weekend. Thanks to Mick, Lyn, Hattie and Dave for a fantastic time and great dive sites to suit the conditions. Lovely sunny days on Saturday and Sunday – pity I missed out on Saturday dives with a bad headache…made up for it on Sunday and Monday. Thanks again for a fantastic time with old dive buddies and new ones. Safe, Happy Diving…Melissa ….. Happy Birthday for 9th March Lyn – Cheers xo.



Dragged my best friend Andrew and his baby brother David up for a long weekend diving in fabulous Jervis Bay. Great weather for Saturday and Sunday with the southerly coming through on Monday, allowing us to dive the nursery. It has been 2 years since my last dive at the Nursery and I cannot believe the increase in the number of wobbygongs. Another great weekend’s diving on the best run live-aboard in Australia. Dave Williams Aqua Action Canberra.

Came along with my big brother and his mate dave and his partner, been wanting to go diving with my big brother for a number of years, and boy was it worth it with beautiful weather for the most part good company exceptional staff and good sea fairing vessel, saw some different marine life I had never seen before, and experienced some new underwater senery, swim throughs, over hangs, rock formations, wobbegongs, bull rays, octopus, and much, much more, hope to deffinately come here again one day. Dave Kingsford, Brighton, Victoria, Australia

Great weekend to get wet again after knee joint replacement. (Don’t tell the surgeon I jumped off the top deck. Thanks Bruce for being an additional dive buddy. Thanks Mick and Lyn, Hatties and Dave for a great ti8me as usual! Tori Pollard, Sydney.

Last minute decision took Monday off - I’m the boss so its ok – Bugga ..left my tanks behind so emergency courier from JB dive shop got me air to breathe TA to everyone for that . Great buddies tori & Bruce looked after me when I was feeling sea sick saw loads of wobbegongs and amorous old wives & glorious spiny gunards and jumped off the top deck and only things missing were sunshine & dennis !!!!!fiona [the princess] Sydney