Weedy Sea Dragon

20th February 2011

Descending down the anchor line, the excitement of spotting the elusive Weedy Sea Dragon was alive in the group. Once we reached the bottom, the visibility wasnít the greatest, however this did not detour our group leader from beginning the quest. It wasnít long until Richard had found one amongst some small boulders in 18m of water. The Weedy Sea Dragon was moving effortlessly as it swam through the small group of onlookers, all seemingly amazed having discovered this wonderful majestic creature of the deep. This was the finishing touch on a wonderful weekend of diving.

Jervis Bay weekends aboard Oceantrek I canít believe its 15 years since my first trip and just as excited. There is nothing quite like live aboard diving to totally get that feeling your away from work, even though for yours truly itís all work, a small price to pay for living the dream. Dive one was fish rock no guesses why it got its name, what a start 22 degrees and fish everywhere fantastic stuff. I will however sigh off at this point and leave the rest of the tale to my other Trekkers.

My first experience on a live aboard was amazing for a young diver who just wants to see every thing. The last dive at Warrens reef was the highlight for me seeing 5-6 weedy sea dragons which I was thrilled about because I've been told how rare they can be. This was truly the way to finish off a amazing two days of diving for myself.

This was my last weekend in Australia and I canít think of a better way to have spent it than being on such a nice vessel with such wonderful people and such fantastic dives.

Back for my 6th or 7th trip, and again another fantastic weekend. Great food, great diving and meeting lovely people. How did you organise the vis and the weather?

I will be back.

A great weekend for a couple of new-ish divers, great way to get a good number of dives in, good variety and a great couple of dives to finish off with lots of weedy sea dragons and a wobbegong shark to finish of an excellent weekend!

It was my first time diving off a boat, and I loved how agile it makes you, we could move to a totally new dive site in just 15 minutes. The crew was fantastic at making everyone feel welcome and included. The food was exceptionally good! My favourite dive was the "live drop" I thought it was a really cool with us all lined up ready to go into the water all one after another and then we did the free fall down to 20 m, it really did feel like we were skydiving, and the music was the perfect touch. The briefings before the dive were very detailed and informative, as well as very exiting when we are briefed with such smiling enthusiasm. Great weekend! I hope to be back soon.