The Gang

29th-4th February 2011

The Gang has been coming together for over ten years now and each time we come together itís just like it was yesterday and we pick up where we left off last time.

Weíre all a bit older now and moving just that little bit slower, but itís the company which has not changed over the years and this trip was no exception, the company just keeps getting better.

See you all next year for the first week in 2012. Kimmo.

More good diving, more good company, more bull talked. What more could you ask? Gary

Gíday Folks well itís been 11 years now as the last of the originals of the Gang. I have thoroughly enjoyed myself again diving with dear friends and making new ones. These trips just allow us the time to explore more of JB & find all sorts of interesting things. This year it was mating Wobbegong sharks which a scary thing to be near. Great food & hospitality as always & look forward to the next adventure J

Cheers Ken

Another week of fun diving with a good bunch of social divers. Although the weather was not especially kind to us, it was not bad either. A mixed bag really, a hot day, a wet day and a couple of breezy days but, that did interrupt the diving. I think I can safely say a good time was had by all. Maybe the same time and same place for next year. Ciao Keith.

Hi Allí

Another great 7 days on OT. Canít believe itís been 10 years now since I joined the Gang. Have had the best time "again" and as always Lyn, Mick, Bobby, Hattie have all been wonderful. As always Kenny was my dive partner, we had some great dives together, the man just loves long swims, took some good pictures too. As always food was delish, "if only Bobby could make popcorn without burning it then life on board be perfect. See you all again next year.

Cheers Rob

Another chance to spend a week diving and drinking with friends new and old.

Great company, some movies and of course an episode or two of Sea Hunt. Always good to be on board Ocean Trek. See you all next time

X Boris