The Return

30th January 2011

I returned with my beautiful daughter Tania, only to find on board the return of many others. Some well behaved and others well!!!!!!!!

All seemed to have a great time, laughing dancing, singing and eating all of Hattiee’s goodies. Ken attended the deck and gave plenty of cheek. As for the diving well that was great, vis could have been better at times but who cares!!!!!!! Lyn and Tania still managed to find time to disagree underwater about a safety sausage being used, which then caused them to lose their dive buddy Boris. Thanks to all the great buddies on board and all the help to get ready. Love you all. Thanks Lyn and Mick for everything.

Little did they know I lost them. Nothing worse than women arguing, except in a pit of jelly.

The water was as wet as ever and and the bottom could be seen if you got close enough to it. Vis was almost non existent but water temp a nice 20 deg.

The weekend was great with good company and even some diving. The next 5 days should be even better, as I am staying on board . x Boris

Now for something completely different! It has been two years since I was last ‘Trekking’ - missing in tropical action, so to speak. It was nice to see the old suspects; Micks smiling face, Lyn’s technical talent, Hattiee’s gourmet delights and Ken’s ever present help on the deck. It was to hone my dry suit skills so I can enjoy the pleasures of temperate water diving in the future that I returned. I had forgotten how pleasant diving JB can be.