Wet Drysuits

23rd January 2010

Cathy and Peter have drysuits however both became wetsuits over the weekend. Not a great problem as the water was 17* ,just tolerable (maybe) althought Cathy ceased to dive !!!

It was a wonderful trip! Weather was nice, team is friendly and very responsible, food like in a restaurant J

Water was a bit cold but the whole trip was enjoyable as much as it ever can be.

Well done, guys, I am already going to book the next trip!!!


Great trip, the weather could not be any better. The only thing that excelled the weather was the crew and our friendly group. Greg

So friendly Mike, Lynn and the crew, many thanks for this. A special thank to Cherie for staying with me under water. A great weekend.


Great weekend, great weather, very friendly crew. Special thanks to Haddie for fantastic food.


Some call me Troy…others call me…well, Troy I guess! In my younger and more impulsive years I’ve come to ocean trek to dive as deep as I could for as long as I could, but sometimes it takes diving with a bunch of lovely ladies to remind you why you really dive! For the beer…

Just joking…its for the wine…

No, but really, it has been a lovely weekend as usual with all the hilarity and fun that these weekends always entail. Cheers to the hosts that boast the most roast, I’d say more but I can smell onions cooking with my name on them…


What a fantastic weekend!! Thanks to the whole Ocean Trek crew for taking such good care of us, for feeding us like Kings and Queens and for the hysterical top deck chats. And thanks, too, to the cool kids gang for letting me hang out underwater with them.


My first liveaboard and what a way to start. The bar has been set very, very high. Very professional outfit, great food, lots of fun, really helpful and friendly staff and did I mention the great food ;-) I will definitely be coming back at the next opportunity.

Stephen West

Thanks for a fantastic weekend – making it really hard to go home. Beautiful sunshine, great diving, outstanding crew – they make life easy onboard. More great food than you can eat, and comfy surrounds make for a relaxing, fun and very entertaining weekend. I’m sure I’ll be back!


Thanks to everyone for a great time. The food was delicious, the Nitrox fresh, the fish pretty and the company entertaining. Having Kevin Deacon (our dive guide) on board helped us tremendously. Bye for now Jervis Bay we hope to see you again soon.

Debbie & Stephen Scholem