Saw a Sawfish in JB

16th January 2011

Norman’s Birthday on the Friday boarding night made for a good start. Many rounds of "Happy Birthday" were sung along with a few drinks and great conversation.

This experience was new to some of us with only a couple of dives under our belt. Having the opportunity to gain experience and bottom time; with the help of experienced diving staff was great.

Quote of the weekend from Sean (Shawn?) the cabin boy: "can you pull me off?" …after having been discovered entering the toilet with Wet Stuff. Judy

Another weekend of laughs and fun diving with new and old friends and dive buddies. Got to go deep with Col and found two sawfish …one who didn’t really appreciate Col wanting to play and decided to try a sword fight with Norms arm. Looking forward to the next trip! Sarah and Norm

I didn’t drown so it must have been a good trip! Looking forward to my next trip on Ocean Trek! Andrew

Good set up and an excellent crew – thanks for making our Jervis Bay (no wrecks but loads of Fishy Sh*t!) experience one worth remembering. Ben & Emily – Scapa Flow, Scotland.

Great food, great weather, bad visibility, fun puzzles. We saw many many fishes and they were very very pwetty <3 We had many many funzies J but the water was vewwyyyy cooowdd.

The O’Briens


Birthday Boy Norman the photographer


There were two Sawfish however Col pulled the tail on one, and then there was ONE