Pascal’s Birthday

5th December 2010

Once upon a time, there was a keen diver called Pascal. He got grumpy every time he couldn’t fit 6 dives into one weekend.

Due to this, his lovely fiancé booked him on to Ocean Trek, with a whole bunch of friends he could not be grumpy alongside.

This time his friends brought him lots of beer and the crew had lots of pies which he doesn’t like so his friends happily ate the pies for him.

He dived and dived, and then dived some more. He was so keen he lost a buddy, just so he could dive to find him again. The water at the bottom was so cold, even the dry-suit divers were forced to admit they felt cold. be continued…

Pascal (Jacuzzi diver) finally finished having far too many beers and eating all the cake. A good time was had by all.

He is now planning to form The Full Monty group for Nudie Group diving.

What a weekend, from the minute we hit the dock, we were welcomed by Mick, the lovely skipper who beckoned me and my long white cowboy boots to climb on in and set off for the Ocean Trek. The staff have been so hospitable and professional, and journey this weekend has been nothing but comfort and fun. Diving has been unreal and some real treasure sites have been shared. I will definitely be looking to come back more often – it’s true, you spend more money in Sydney sitting at home.

Thank you for the "FUN" times – we’ll be back in fancy dress next time….."Rocky Horror Show 2012" !!!!

Nicola Irving (aka Lady Harper)

What are you talking about…Rocky Horror??? NO NO NO No no no...The Full Monty 2012" !!!!

Wish his birthday party didn’t end so quickly. That was a fun trip away with everyone on board even the crews. Thank you all.