I – Scream

by the remaining Argo’s

28th November 2010

"The water is clear and cold" says Lyn… as we start descending it is 18 degrees water temperature and 3 metres visibility, but by the time we pass 15m, the vis is 20m and the water temperature is 13 degrees… I know you said is was cold Lyn, but 13 degrees! Everyone was scrambling for their hoods for the second dive to avoid the ice-cream (or I-Scream) headache. Cold water, but great diving. Thanks to the crew for a fun weekend.

Un petit passage pour un froggie en Australie. Une meteo qui aurait pu etre meilleure, mais de bonnes plongees au rendez vous. Paysages surprenants, une faune parfois extravagante, tres differente de ce qu’il est possible de rencontrer en Europe. Un team parfais, aux petits soins. De belles rencontres, tant humaines que sous marines!!!

Coldest water I’ve ever experienced at this time of year, but with it came great visibility. Once you got over the ice cream headache, you forgot the cold (for a while) and enjoyed the clear waters. As one person put it: would you prefer warm and murky, or cold and clear? Thanks crew for a great weekend. Cheers, Sean.

Yet another enjoyable weekend on Ocean Trek. It was really good to catch up with the "ex Argos". Water was very cold – it’s times like this "I need a dry suit". Looking forward to next time. Thanks again to Mick, Lyn, Ken, Bob and Rob. See you soon. Kind regards, Melissa J .

Deceptively only very cold at the surface, going to the bottom was like having icy spikes driven into your earholes! But lots of fish and nudies, good times. Ross

I might not have had a snorkel this time but a still had a great time thanks Mick and Lyn for yet another great weekend. EmilyJ .

This might be the last time I dive………..in a wetsuit! 12.8 degrees at the bottom has a dry suit firmly on the cards. Apart from the cold the weekend was great – as usual. Lots of fish, nudies, and a couple of playful cuttlefish. Rob and Sue.

Our first outing with the rambunctious ocean trek crew – but won’t be our last. Thanks for the wonderful hospitality, amazing soups – mmmm such tasty delicious food! Thanks Lyn and Mick and Ken and Bob and Rob … you’re all delightful! See you again, Lauren & Andy