Name that Tune

14th November 2010

Dolly Parton, Jimmy Hendrix, Mozart, Black Eyed Peas, Rolling Stones, Bread, Jessica Malboy were just a few insignificant artists that…………..

…Absolutely ROCKED the boat!! Thank you to Lyn Mick and all the crew aboard Ocean Trek for another Brilliant weekend of diving and Partying in Jervis Bay. Each dive was unique in its own way and the marine life was stunning! Defiantly a well spent trip away! Keep up the great work!

All the best from Ebbony and Team DCB J

The camaraderie amongst the staff was magnificent; it created a good chemistry with all the patrons on the boat. The cooking was great and a pleasant surprise to other live-aboard boats I’ve been on before. Great quality and never left the table hungry. I look forward to coming back. Ken

I have seen some great stuff down there… no chicken sharks but plenty of rays and small sharks. Great crew and definitively worth coming back here… Adriaan

It was great fun to be on that boat and doing so many really good dives. However, the water was freezing cold (especially without hood), but I survived. The reward was the abundant marine life with bull-, sting- and other rays, stone fish, and much much more. Andreas

Great sun, good people and some nice dives, 2m wobbygong and serpent nudibranch’s and our first scooter experience made it a weekend we will remember. The water was cold but well worth it for the lovely corals and schools of fish everywhere to be seen. Thank for a great weekend. Michael and Skye

Yo yo Yo, Hey hey Hey, Rock n roll is here to Stay! Ocean Trek Crew, Lyn, Mick, Carly, Shawn, Andrew and Lacy too – You Rule. Ocean Trek, you’re a good boat, I just want to pick you up and give you a hug and a tickle. I had such a sweet sleep, rockie by baby - Wicked, Wicked time, some people lost it, seriously had a great time. The diving was beautiful, beautiful. We saved best for last, big sleek bull rays and old wive schools looking like big zebras. This must be just like living in paradise, wish I could stay for another month – you got any jobs going? Cheers to Adam and Liz for being the best buddies I could hope for. AND thanks for the Honeymoon Suite!! Food is 5 star, accommodation 5 star, people 6 stars. THANKS – Michael Douglas Rules, ok. PS Loved the music, I Will Be Back!!

This was our second trip on Ocean Trek and every bit as good as the first time – even though it was a tad colder. The crew were fabulous and a lot of fun. Food was great and something to look forward to after a dive. We will definitely be back again!

Greg and Julie

Just have say…we need loudspeaker on the top deck…and I love the vibration! Thanks for everything…will be back soon! Frauke

Awesome crew who run a slick operation, together with one of the best after dive parties made this a memorable trip. Thanks guys & I’ll see you next time! - Ben