Near & Actual Tragedy

7th November 2010

When it all started with Peters drysuit

Everyone thinks being as supermodel is all glamour lights and action, Well its hard work too. I was fully kitted up and just about to jump into the water for an underwater photo shoot with the famous (some may say ‘infamous) ‘Richard’ when Cathy shouted "WAIT" you’ve forgotten your lipstick. Phew! Near disaster diverted with lipstick applied we proceeded to shoot one of the best underwater scenes imaginable.

We drove up from Melbourne for a week of climbing at Nowra then diving. Well we got wetter climbing. It rained some, then it rained some more. Climbing on scuba isn’t usually recommended, but you do what you have to. Then we boarded on Friday night with a stiffening breeze. And it was rocky! In fact it was rockier than it had been all week climbing. But you do what you have to!

Things I learned on board Ocean Trek: 1) pies and 4 donuts will keep you warm in cold water. 2) The Moody Blues are live and well in JB (well the drummer is).3) There are more sharks than you can shake a stick at 4)ALLways check your zips 5)There are 5 meals a day.

Getting excited for the last dive on Saturday we all jumped into the dingy and headed towards the slot for a collective effort at a surge dive. After being encouraged by the skipper and given the game plan we plunged into the dive site eyes open.

After the proverbial dust settled we regrouped to find we had a diver down with a unfastened tank. The conditions were ideal for it with the washing machine like conditions helping to no end. Needless to say the reattachment added to the excitement of the dive which we all thoroughly enjoyed.

Lesson from the weekend never be complacent or tease someone else! It will happen to you as well. First time we did the gap and it was great fun. We found one sponge with sidegilled nudi’s and crabs and cling fish enough to keep a macro photographer happy for hours. All round great weekend. Kathy & Peter