Ice Cream Cake

24th October 2010

The main points of the weekend.

Cameronís untimely departure due to nitrogen build up. Mick and crew had to take him back to the shore on a raining and cold night while he was breathing O2. He was then whisked up to RPA and at the time of writing this he was sitting in the decompression chamber trying to get rid of the bend in his arm.

But to Cameronís credit he did time the discovery of the said bend appropriately. He waited until just after we had a Freddo ice cream cake to celebrate Annís 28th Birthday.

While the water was cold (12į) the diving was good. Visibility ranged from 2-20m and creatures and fish were abundant. The change in weather did deter some passengers who preferred to enjoy the crewís hospitality onboard.

The food was exceptional; the kitchen staff worked tirelessly to provide us with meals and refreshments (some weight belts required multiple adjustments) and while some blamed the difficulties in getting into their wetsuits on the cold and wet conditions we all suspect that the delicious food may have been partly to blame

The crew were courteous and amazingly professional thoughout and

Exceptional crew work, great food, comfortable boat. I had a great weekend even in the very cold conditions. Iíd love to come back when it is warmer.

The coldest dive ever. 12oC with a 3mm wetsuit wasnít so bad. The food was good, the boat is nice.

The first time of underwater photograph, crap pictures but fun.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Dryyyyyyysssssuuuiiit!!

Being Cameronís dive buddy and not having to share a decompression chamber with himÖ. J

Hi all! As one of the few who were crazy enough to do all 6 scheduled dives, I have to say thereís never a dull moment on Ocean Trek! Sure, the weather didnít play nice the whole time, but I came to get wet anyway. Cheers Mick & Lyn, and the awesome crew! J

Long time since Iíve been on board (7 yrs), Coincides with the age of my son Nathan. Lovely to be back in the water and in such a great location. Mick, Lyn and the crew were great as usual!! Lovely food so thanks cooks! Only downer was my room mate who talked in his sleep and snored like an elephant seal (yes they do snore!) I still wonder what he ment by "Not now Bubba!!". Hope to be aboard again soon! Also, Thanks Stu for giving up you spot so I could have fun!