Dry Suit Divers ?

29th August 2010

Coldness rather than coolness is diving with a drysuit… then finding that your inflater bottle runs out… the squeezes for guys is excruciating…. Followed by becoming a Blimp man… and flooding your suit… Dr Phil Chia, MD, PhD.

Awesome weekend was had by the trouble makers J . A hundred port jacksonsmm a blonde seal, brown seal and black seal were spotted out between the heads, thanks to Bec for spotting us and our knight in shining boat. Everyone else missed out on mermen, killer whales, great whites, dugongs and Atlantis City! Kym, Suse, Lucy & Rebecca

We came to see seals but they could not be found. Seeing a turtle made the whole adventure much better. The Weedy Seadragons were the favourites. Water was coooold!!

Mikael Zmaranda

Great weekend and my last diving before relocating back to Europe. I’m glad I could do my last and 100th (!) dive from your boat keeping my wetsuit on.
Nigol Martin

Although there a no seals to find, a sea turtle made a fun game of catch me if you can… whoever said turtles were slow I think they should take it back! It out swam us. Also saw a beautiful Port Jackson crusing, looking tough and elegant, than BAM straight into a rock, a little shake off and giggles from me above. Thanks for the great weekend OT J Kristy

Drysuits rule! Especially when they work. It was a great weekend full of events. 100’s of PJ’s and virgin weedy seadragon action.

Kristy got weighted, Mikael saw a weedy. Tanid did some navigation and so did Lucy. Hey Lucy, remember to take the magnetic wrist band of next time you need to go South West! The girls got rescued by knights in green armour and everyone had a good time. Even Trevor found everything again, and again and again.


Had a great time with some great people… learnt a couple of new thing about wearing a dry suit. One of witch is that just because they call it a dry suit doesn’t mean you always come out dry lol! Had lots of fun and really friendly staff J James.