Galaxy Quest

20th June 2010

Well it was Lyn’s decision to go to the "Drum & Drumsticks" for the weekend


We found ourselves to have great weather and sea conditions. Dry suits make the cold water temp a dream. The dives at shark gutter, the seals and the Arch were the highlights, getting to 40+mtrs at the Arch. The crew on Ocean Trek are always great, once the safety inductions are over, they are there for our every need and seem to have as good a time as we all do as their guests. This was my 2nd Ocean Trek trip and it equalled and surpassed the 1st trip. Thanks for another great weekend of diving, eating & sleeping!! Rob

Great diving, great weather and loved the arch Paul

This was my first time on Ocean Trek and I hope it will not be my last. The crew and diving was amazing, the food and hospitality was great and the water was only warmed by the crews hearts and the pee in your wetsuit. Scott

Dropped over the edge of the boat as Mike cruised along the cliff face. We were strung out like cattle along the salt licks. With everyone in the water, the signal was dive, and dive we did … straight down to the Arch at 28 metres, Visibility at about 20 metres an plenty of fish and a couple of wobbegongs. Playing with the scooters was a bonus.

My second Ocean Trek and they keep getting keep getting better, the outside diving was great with plenty of depth with a lot to see, the Arch was a great dive to finish on and will definitely dive it again. Like the last trip the crew and divers are all a great bunch and we were also lucky enough to get a glimpse of a couple of Whales on both days. Brett…….

I did not know what to expect when I booked onto Ocean Trek, but I was soon delighted to find that I had signed onto a tightly run quality operation. The food was great. The diving was great. And the crew was great. I’ll be back again.

A very enjoyable weekend. A great mix of diving experiences amongst a friendly and sociable group of people. The crew were very friendly and professional and they went out their way to ensure all those on board had a great time. Congratulations, I certainly will return.

Ok… so awesome weekend… lovin my snugly cave room which was super comfy… lovin my new dry suit except the part where is leaked…. Lovin the Nitrox….and LOVIN the weedy seadragon buddy at the Drum… times… Jac

Friday night we were lying on the front deck, watching the dolphins below race between the bows. Saturday, outside the Heads, the ocean was still, and diving was wonderful. From the deck, we saw whales blowing and breaching, eagles flying, seals playing. And in the water, abundant fish and life. Sunday, diving, we saw dolphins. Staff friendly, food great, and excellent emphasis on safety at all times. On the trip home, lying on the front deck, we saw whales blowing, and penguins race across the twin bows. Mike and Theresa