World Cup Ocean Trek

11th-14th June 2010

Brandon - Australian loving American fresh off a long, but amazing 10 dives with Ocean Trek. I was able to kick it around with a lot of fish, sharks, rays, seals, and of course the other divers. Best weekend in Australia so far, nothing better then scuba with some mates all weekend.

Lauren - Now the Pom takes the field, running up the line on the left wing (its good to be ambidextrous you know!). England versus Germany in the snoring competition in the bottom cabin sees Germany the winner. Only in this comp would England let Germany win. There were a few yellow cards distributed in this battle of the nations continued underwater. The final whistle is now about to go, and the referee decides that the marine life in Jervis Bay is the winner of the game. Ocean Trek – the Macquanauts will be back!

Eric-Another Seppo from Macquarie University. Loving the Ocean Trek, I could not want for anything! Amazing weekend and the cooking was phenomenal! Looking forward to future Treks, with the Ocean Trek Crew!

Finally an AUS takes the field-Charlie had some great dives meet some wild seppo’s(Matt) ate some fantastic food drank too much grog but had a great time can't wait till the next one.

Back to the Amerigos with the back volley. Matt goes for a nice 10 soaks, seals, dolphins, whale, morays, wobbegongs, port jacksons, ambush cuttlefish, octopi, rays, etc. Spends half the trip sideways courtesy of lost fin and odd weight, broadcasts to children everywhere in his big purple suit. But all was good and fun was had, albeit at the cost of his erstwhile teammates.

Florian – Deutsche kreativitaet im Mittelfeld. Der Pass kommt von seinem Teamkollegen Barney, dem freundlichen Tauch-O-saurus. Fantastisches Wochenende, wobei die Anzahl meiner Tauchgaenge fast verdopplet wurden. Jede Menge erste male, wie dem ersten Nitrox-Tauchgang, dem ersten Nachttauchgang, erster Boatstauchgang sowie meinem ersten Seehund in freier Natur. Ich habe viele neue Freunde gefunden unter und ueber dem Wasser, insbesondere die Baby Portjacksons. Ich gebe weiter zu…

[Florian - German creativity in midfield gets the ball passed from his teammate Barney the friendly Diversaur Barney. Awesome weekend and almost doubled my dive experience. Lot of firsts, like first Nitrox-Dive, first Night-Dive, first Boat-Dive and my first seal in the wild. Lots of new friends above and under water, especially the baby port jacksons. Passing on to…] P.S. The English team did a good holding against in the snoring :o).

Scubakid Tess had an awesome weekend of diving with the Ocean World Cup Trekkies looking forward to the next one …… go the Socceroos…….

Michelle- Jaws theme plays in my head as a big Wobbie comes up under me to say hello. Book says they’re ‘dangerous w/ provocation’. Little glad we weren’t provocative enough for a kiss! Nearly flashed whole boat on several occasions, thanks to walkabout bikini ties. Guess there are worse souvenirs to walk away with. Gents, at least, are now very friendly. Also, successfully collected 5 Man Cards on the trip!! I now rate at least as high as your average male. Uni boys will be pouting the whole way home.

Ssure Ocean Trek. In this trip I have doubled the amount of dives with experience in boat diving, wetsuits and more experience with cold water (well only 18 degrees – but cold to me). Great experience and fantastic food, however, just when you’re getting the hang of things – it’s all over! I have never seen a ray before and the wide range of underwater sea life that live around the Jervis Bay. Next time, hopefully can Ocean trek ensure Australia wins against Germany!

Peer pressure is a bad thing. Not only am I under pressure to drink every time I come down here, this weekend they made me dive. I think I did a record amount of dives only missing the two night dives. It was a choice of dive or drink and although the decision was a tough one I gave in to sitting on a warm boat with a Bundy instead of the cold dark deep. A brilliant weekend with lots of great people on board and once again caught up with Jude and enjoyed her company with Sarah as dive buddies, with new diver Jason who improved 10 fold over the weekend. Thanks everyone for a great time once again

X boris.