Hawker Advanced, Open Water & Pleasure

24th-26th May 2010

Great old school environment with good food and friendly people. Thanks for everything. I am happy that I got through everything.

(Jake Mcauliffe )

I had lots of fun on board the Ocean Trek Diving Resort. The crew is awesome and the food was magnificent. The most exciting thing I saw on the trip would have to be the night dive when we saw a Weedy Seadragon. Thank you very much for having me in your home!

(Alice Gore-Johnson)

Thanks to Mick and Lyn for allowing us to live and scuba dive on your boat for the last three days. Thanks to crew for the good food.and  interesting Antidotle facts. You’ve made this an enjoyable trip and we learned allot. You made this trip fun and an adventure. Thanks again from;


Thankyou to Mick, Lyn, and crew for a really pleasant trip, I had a wonderful time aboard the boat. Scuba was amazing and I saw plenty of awesome sea creatures. Cant wait to do it again. J Abbey

Thank you to Mick, Lyn, and crew for the wonderful experience. I thoroughly enjoyed myself over the past three days I was aboard your boat; it has given me a great opportunity to see some amazing sea creatures. (Brooke)

Thanks heaps for the really enjoyable trip, the staff and instructors are what made this trip so fun. My stomach and I want to thank you for the really good food. Boarding this vessel has given me a new hobby in life and I hope to come aboard again.


The last three days have been great I really enjoyed myself. Thanks to our awesome instructors. J chloe

Thanks for everything the past three days. The staff and instructors made this trip extremely enjoyable.


Thanks for the great three days, had heaps of fun (Kynan)


Thanks for a great time, saw a lot more sharks this trip (Scuba Tom)

Cheers had heaps of fun , sore some awesome stuff, definitely going again J (Ryan)