Divers without Borders

17th –21st May 2012

The best 5 days ever…on Ocean Trek Dive Live-aboard to Jervis Bay.

Thanks to Lyn & Mick for their friendly & professional manner and organizational skills, even down to a lightning show from the heavens.

Catering by ‘Chef Extraordinaire’ Bob, kept our tummies full with the best culinary delights, while the ship’s heads were kept a-flushing!

I was totally occupied, watching the sea eagles on Bowen Island, the abundant fish life, the Dolphins frolicking, then chasing, and showing off in the bow wave as we motored. The Army & Navy playing war games in the distance was a novelty to watch…trusting their target shooting was accurate and not at us.

Evening was fun time, catching up with everyone and watching the videos with highlights of creatures from the depths.

This is my first time and certainly won’t be the last!

Chris Feist

Non Diver


I didn’t think I would enjoy a live aboard again after the demise of the good old Failie.

But from the first day on board after catching up with Lyn and meeting Mick and Bob I knew my luck had changed.

The diving is fantastic the food is without exception ( fantastic) 2 months on the stair master to get over it and a wonderful group of people.

This trip has changed my opinion of (the best diving is over seas)

Looking forward to my return trip next year.

Well done Lyn, Mick and Bob.

Shayne Grant

Diver, well most of the time

I had not been on a live aboard since the demise of the Falie (I was booked on my 12th trip & departing the driveway when we got the news that she had broken down, unfortunately forever). I decided to approach this trip with an open mind after some had voiced their thoughts & stories.

How pleasing it to me to say how wrong they were

The overall experience has been expertly completed with precision & safety. The dive briefs comprehensive and the dive plan well worked out. We were dropped off to the best points with safety & all experienced memorable highlights. Thanks Lyn & Mick.

The food was and experience – well done Bob. Right down to last nights dessert shaped as a stick fish.

The rest of the time on board was relaxing and at times very entertaining.

Shayne even managed to organise a no-ninnies dive trip.

Thanks for the experience and hopefully not for the last time.


Rod Rocket Hayles

Peter Simmons

My only reference for this trip was Mermaid 11 out of Phukett Thailand to the Similian Islands.

The quality of the accommodation, food, professionalism of the staff and crew are comparable in my experiences just a little warmer

Although my diving was shortened by an equipment failure my trip has been memorable and I keen to return.

A big thankyou to Lynn for your thoughtful attention and to Mick for being Mick and Bob the food was great

Thank you

As my first live aboard. Ocean Trek has set a high standard, the food was absolutely superb and well in abundance, the dive deck was very well organised and the days planned very well

Many thanks to Bob, Mick and Lyn for their hospitality and making this trip so memorable, I will be back

Cheers Browny

I would recommend this restaurant to everyone. Hot breakfasts, snacks all through the day, pasta lunches, lasagne, salads, 3 course main meals, every one different.

Friendly atmosphere, entertaining waiters Lyn and Mick and chef Bob all joined in at the table.

Oh yes there was the diving too…..awesome.

I’ll be back!

Andrew Newton



Excellent food and plenty of it – cheers Bob !!!. Saw some creatures and fish which I hadn’t seen near home for so long. Good sized wobbegongs, colourful eastern blue devils & the occasional moray eel. Oh & 50 million sea tulips and other pretty sponges !!! Despite huge swell just before the trip, Mick and Lyn got us to some great sites where viz was good, all in all, an awesome trip !!!! Hope to return !!!!! The SA crowd were all great too ….


First time on Ocean Trek and had a great time, the food was great and the diving was even better .Saw lots of fish and other creatures that I have not seen before, since I live in Port Augusta we don’t get to see such a variety of sea life and various sea vegetation. A very memorable trip. Did nitrox coarse as well so much better to dive with especially when you do all 18 dives in such a short space of time.

Thanks to Lyn Mick and Bob for a fantastic trip and good time

Cheers Rob Buranyi


Forgotten what cold water diving felt like!!! After everything went numb the eyes began to see the underwater world below and around me. WOW. Had also forgotten what a different world it is and the species living in these parts. Diving was great. Had some fantastic animal encounters that no matter how good just not able to be captured on the camera. As far as Ocean Trek goes…loved Bobs international menu and his cooking abilities. Lyn and Mikes entertainment program of an evening kept us out of our bunks well after 9pm….thanks guys had a great week.

Deb Allen, Port Augusta


Had a fantastic and relaxing time aboard Ocean Trek. The diving was spectacular and plentiful fish life made it all the more enjoyable. I could have easily spent several days just sitting on the bottom watching the many weedy sea dragons and cuttlefish that call the bay home. Many thanks to Lyn, Mick and ‘Master chef Bob’ for making us all feel right at home the minute we stepped on board and keeping our tummies full.

Cheers, Brendan Phasey.