Dive Deeper

16th May 2010

DiveSmart’s annual pilgrammage with Advanced, Deep, Nitrox and Boat courses all running. Great trip yet again – great food and friendly service from the Wench – when she wasn’t grooving behind the counter!

Katie wants to thank Kim for taking her deeper than she has ever been before!!!!

Jervis Bay, even when the seas are up still delivers some great diving and a diversity of life – giant bull rays, weedy seadragons, PJs, massive wobbegongs, friendly groupers and a multitude of fish.

From the gang:

First to Bed First Night Last to Bed Last Night must be something about FIRST and Last…….Hmmm ADRIAN

Awesome weekend, 1st ever nitrox dives, seen some really cool PJ and Wobby sharks looking forward to next trip………cheers Allan

And who can forget Craig’s great insight – what’s the collective for a group of horses?… "a race"!

The boys from the Hills drank like normal – we missed Will – but no doubt he missed us more being stuck in Sydney and all the chores.

Liz’s swimmers weren’t hoisted up the flagpole this year – she kept them well hidden from Hattie!

Dave caught up on much needed sleep – but at least managed to get 2 of the 4 dives done on Saturday – but made up for it on Sunday with 2 from 2.

Awesome weekend, did my first deep dive which was an exciting experience also saw my first weedy sea dragons!

What a memorable experience, so close to the bull ray, Jesus they are huge. Well worth the experience…love to do it again..michelle

Craig. Great diving, following Steve, losing Steve Hmmm may Under water GPS

Good friends good drinking good food good weekend.

Wow, beautiful visibility and temperature. Highlights were a monster wobbigong (~2.5m) and some very animated octopie (?). Great company, my first time

In Jervis Bay and I will certainly be back….Stephen W.