Hawker Open Water


10-12th May 2010


Rachelle Griffin

Our trip on the ocean trek was amazing! Being the only non-scuba diver I guess was a blessing in disguise, seeing all the marine life in their natural habitat was a spectacular sight! I was even lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a weedy sea dragon J , which made my trip. The staff and crew are the loveliest people youíll meet and Iím very happy I was able to have this experience and would recommend it to everyone J

Issy Daly

The trip was so amazing all the people, the food and just the over all atmosphere was great. I had never done scuba before and I didnít really like the idea of stepping out of my comfort zone at the start. Iím glad I did all the staff and instructors made it easy for you to relax and just enjoy your dive and see and the beautiful marine life and coral. I wont ever forget my time on the Ocean Trek and hopefully in the future I will be doing more scuba. Thank you to all the staff, the instructors and our teacher for making this all possible. It will always be a unforgettable experience. (:

Chris Whitfeld

I donít know what I expected when I signed up for scuba at the start of the term but it wasnít this. This has by far been one of the most exhilarating activities I have ever experienced. This trip has helped me in viewing and learning about the ocean in ways in which it would be impossible to understand without seeing it first hand. Looking at it now I am sure that this definitely wont be my last scuba experience. I would like to thank Ocean Trek, Alana, and the crew for making this an experience that will last for a lifetime.

Amy Fuller

I never thought that Scuba diving was something that I would actually be able to do, even on the second day of this camp there were things that I thought I was incapable of completing. With the help of the trainers however I did, thatís something that Iím very proud of and I will never forget. Looking back on all the places that Iíve snorkelled, I now wish that I had, had scuba gear. Thank you to everyone who made this experience possible for me.

Ellie Nucifora-Ryan

Scuba is way cool. Who knew about all the amazing things that live below the surface? Although many challenges arose, with the help of the instructors I was able to overcome all of them. This trip is definitely something that I will carry with me the rest of my life and God willing I will continue scuba dives for many years to come. My most sincere thanks to Lyn, Mick, Bob and the In-depth instructors as well as to our magnificent teacher Alana.

Ashlee Wellington

SCUBAAAAA! Okay. Where do I startÖ it is a totally different world down there, and we are lucky enough to experience what most people will never see. Going over 18 meters under water was definitely something didnít see myself doing but once you do it and resurface thereís no better feeling. I just want to say thankyou to the ocean trek crew, and our in depth instructors, especially our amazing cook bob!! They have all shown that practise makes perfect and by the last dive Iím sure everyone felt really comfortable. I will never forget this, and I want to make some sort of career out of it. Thankyou to Alana for making this trip possible, YOUR AMAZING J J