Boris Survives

1st May 2010

Well what do we know about Boris and RUM

Traditionally rum on boats as all seamen know is as a" hand in a glove", its common sense and practice.

Bundy, Negretta, American Honey and a bit of Jack, what a gorgeous combination.


Now the other story is Rob turned 50 a couple a days before the weekend ……. and I had a great time on-board. Managed to avoid the inevitable headache after the Friday night! Dives were great with 15+m vis and 20 Degrees. Cheers Rob

Yet again another great trip on board ocean trek, great viz and marine life to match.

Diving, friends, food, drink and fun….what else would you want to celebrate your 50th? I’m certain that my dad loved every minute of it.

Happy 50th dad and thanks again to Lynn, Mick and all the crew.

Dan (Sydney)

Another great trip on Ocean Trek. We had a new dive buddy with us this time – Xavier. Xavier is a natural at scuba diving…Well done again to Mick, Lynn, Wazza, Ken & Ross. The diving and weather was excellent (yet again). Water was 20-22 degrees. Thanks again to James for organising the weekend with the Ex-Argos. It was great to catch up with everyone again. Happy 50th birthday to Rob & congratulations to Sean for reaching his 300th dive on Ocean Trek. Cheers, Melissa & Ross xoxo

Despite the weather report it was quite pleasant, wobbies, weedies & schooling fish. Of course it is only getting better now that we have to pack up and head home L

Ross (not the cook)

Why everyone thinks you had too much to drink just because you spend the best part of the next day in bed is beyond me. It was just a busy week and I was tired. ( my story and I’m sticking to it) I don’t think the combination of the above mentioned beverages had anything to do with it.

Once again I had a very relaxing trip and did manage to get in 3 dives between drinking and sleeping.


We came, we saw no Red Indian Fish (again) but lots of other fish, rays, sharks, nudis, a medusa and underwater humanoids. Had a great time, again, but now we’re absolutely stuffed. JB never fails to impress. Thanks to Lyn, Mick and crew.

Saw Grey nurse shark, hee hee and plenty of fishes. Night dive was fun and their always seems to be plenty of cheer and great food on board thx to all the crew for looking after us.

It is a compliment to Lyn and Mick that many divers keep returning and one experience for new ones to enjoy

Une excellente experience avec Ocean Trek – conditions ideales organisation parfaite

5 plongees depuis un bateau pour une premiere experience, fond superbes beaucoup de poissons requins rousette, vieilles dames, murennes, seiches, poissons tropicaux, je n’en croyais pas mes yeux

Dauphins qui nous escortent au retour bref … a recommencer