Anzac Navigators

25th April 2010

Having spent many great holidays on liveaboards in the red sea when I lived in the UK, I was excited to see what was in store for me on a liveaboard a bit closer to my new home in Sydney. Alex booked the trip so I didn’t really know much about the boat or the crew. Mick met us at the allotted time at the wharf and coordinated loading the little rib with military efficiency, transporting us and our gear to the Ocean Trek.

After letting our eyes become accustomed to the blinding matching shirts Lynn, Mick and Harriet were wearing (available for purchase…) we had a nose around the boat. It’s a good size, the dive deck is well laid out and though we were only half the full complement of guests the boat will take I could see that kitting up would still go smoothly as there’s plenty of space. The main saloon is a good size, the book definitely worth checking out in the ‘library’ is the photo album that documents the refit and refurbishment of the Ocean Trek over the years, you can see the time and effort that Mick, Lynn and others have invested in the boat. Facilities wise the boat is top notch, boat and dive briefings are detailed and informative. The galley wench does a pretty good job too, though her stock answer of "meat and veg" when asked "what’s for lunch/dinner wench" isn’t particularly informative…

The crew made us all feel very welcome, dinnertime often saw the conversation swinging wildly off the topic of diving, come armed with some good new jokes, Mick desperately needs them…!

I’ll leave it to the others to actually describe the diving- watch out for those grey nurses, easy to miss…!

Neil, Alex, Dorota and Alain

Thanks again for a fantastic trip. This is my 6th trip and it stands out in my mind just what value a weekend like this is. Great diving, excellent food and wonderful company. What a fantastic Grey Nurse shark at the nursery… at least 2.5m if not 3m. . The weather changed with a south westerly but due to the skill of Mick and Lynn … and also the configuration of the bay, we were able to utilise some excellent dive sites both outside, under the light house and also around Bowen Island.

I will be back

Peter J.

This is my first diving experience on a livaboard, I have really enjoyed it and will do it again. I have been able to do so much more diving, good sites and lots of comfort. Thank you.

Paul and Corinna