Nice Diving with a Victorian

18th April 2010

Once again a fantastic weekends diving, canít believe itís time to go home already, back to normal life for the week with normal food and company may try to get a dive in during the week but Iím sure it wonít come close to the fantastic dives and viz we have had over this weekend.

My 3rd trip, and definitely gets better and better the more we get together.

The viz was great, the water temp was 22 degrees, the food was great, canít wait til the next trip.

We saw Eastern Blue Devilfish and many varieties of Cuttlefish (both my favourites)

Thanks again Mick, Lyn and the crew!!

Absolutely fantastic diving and a great crew. Pity there were so many New South Welshman on the boat!! Highly recommend all Victorians book on, but bring friends to even out the numbers!!

Josh and I really enjoyed the diving, the food, the atmosphere and the serenity, Pity about the Mexican on board but what the hell, all New South Welshman should have 2 of them.

Diving was great, lots to see and even had a close encounter with a leopard shark on the night dive. Brilliant. Turtles, schooling fish and even a grey nurse shark. Highly recommend the experience.

The diving was great, the food was great and the things we saw were magnificent. We saw turtles, Grey nurse sharks, blue devil fish and in a rare occasion a leopard shark.I suggest anyone to come here and dive on this beautiful dive site. The crew were very helpful and very thoughtful.

This was our first trip away diving on a boat, it was excellent. The crew was very helpful and friendly. No complaints about the food either. Cannot wait to do it again. The diving was beautiful, seen heaps of marine life a really beautiful area to dive. Ray and Natasha Bell both look forward to our next trip on the Ocean Trek in the near future. Thankyou very much for having us.

Raymond and Natasha.

What a great dive, I totally enjoyed the whole experience. The crew was great and the food even better. Hope to come back soon for more great dives.

Thankyou so much!

Matt Boyd

Wow. What a wonderful weekend. Ocean Trek (AKA Stress Relief) spoilt us all in every way possible.

Sincere thanks Mike & Lyn and to Andrew, Warren and Ocean Trek herself and I hope to come back again.

David Frost

Another great weekend on board Ocean Trek, Lyn, Mick, Warren & Andrew as always made everything great, the diving in JB was great, I will return.

Graham. Scuba Warehouse