Woodleigh School

12th-16th April 2010

During my time on Ocean Trek on Jervis bay, I experienced a variety of different marine experiences, expanding my previous knowledge by far. The food was great and the crew made the atmosphere friendly and relaxed. All in all, the week spent was fun and relaxed with too many highlights to choose from. Thankyou to the Ocean Trek crew for a great week!
Danielle Galley

My week on Ocean Trek was a week that I will never forget; I was lucky enough to experience a DSD. The and couple of more scuba dives that were amazing crew were amazing and were extremely friendly and the food was delicious. Overall this week was remarkable and filled with so many memories and highlights. Thank you Ocean Trek for an incredible week.

Alex Wall

Snorkelling off Ocean Trek in Jervis Bay was an unforgettable experience. Being surrounded by the immense variety of fish and marine wildlife was simply awesome. The food on the boat was fantastic and was always something to look forward to. Jumping and flipping off the top of the boat was extremely fun as was everything that we did the whole time!

Will Lombard

Diving in Australia is always spectacular, Jervis Bay is no exception. Over the week I met great amounts of abundant and friendly sea life that surrounded the Ocean Trek boat. Not many people know what it’s like to come face-to-face and eye-to-eye to a foot long blue groper and then watch it glide back into the ocean. Ocean Trek made it an unforgettable experience.

Lindsay Curnow

I was lucky enough to spend a week on board the Ocean Trek Diving Resort vessel. During the week I was able to participate in many different snorkels within a range of different underwater environments. I was also given the opportunity to partake in a discover scuba diving course which enabled me to participate in supervised dives for the remainder of the camp. This for me was the highlight of the week. Thankyou Ocean Trek for making this week possible.

Chloe Hanegraaf

My week of cruising around and chilling on Jervis Bay twas fully sick! I will never forget how I frolicked in the deep blue ocean with all the wicked sea life. This all might sound very lame but the phenomenal feeling of caressing the mesmerising sea beauties of the mother ocean is the most spectacular feeling in the world. If I could come here every day I would do it! OMG

For the last week we alongside 16 other students came to Jervis Bay for a school camp. We all had different ideas of what would come from the week. What ended up coming out of the week was almost 15 dives over 4 days in the warm waters of Jervis Bay, seeing countless numbers of fish, sting rays and various types of sharks. The scuba divers saw even more marine life including cuttlefish, nudibranchs, octopi and weedy sea dragons. The experience has been very enjoyable for all that participated. Thank you very much Ocean Trek for making this experience possible.

Seyi Kolawole & Darcy Malesa

I LUV SNORKELLING! This week has bin grate ! lunch is mi favorite tim of tha week becoze we git 2 have lots of gud stuff lyke pasta and takos!!! WE EVEN GET CORDIL ! fishys r fun 2 swim around cos they lyke 2 run away but I cutch them wen I duckdaive!

Love harley rubenstein and Lyndsay cur-mo and bon qui qui

Ps I freakin’ love hugs! <3 <3

Dear Lyn, Mick and Staff, this has been a fantastic week of snorkelling. Interacting with the sharks, and experiencing the diverse marine life has left indelible memories. I would also like to acknowledge the efforts of all the Woodleigh snorkellers, many new to diving but not passing the opportunity to get involved.

Thanks again, Ocean Trek.

To all ocean trek staff

Thanks broskeis

Ocean Treak was an amazing experience for me. Diving in Jervis bay gave me the opportunity to see and experience a spectacular range of fish and marine life. The environment where we went diving was amazing. The water was crystal clear and the weather was great.

Thanks to all the Ocean Trek staff for an amazing adventure.

Diving here in Jervis bay was great, the marine life was spYuectacular and there was a large variety of dive sites that we covered.

Great trip and would recommend this trip to other divers.

The Snorkelling at Jervis Bay was great. We particularly enjoyed looking at all the amazing marine life, and the surrounding environment. Thanks to Shaun and the crew for a very enjoyable experience on the Ocean Trek.
Tom and I look forward to going to China for a holiday which we will experiment in tasting some whale. We enjoyed our trekkie treats after dinner and liked jumping off the boat. We’ll let you know how the whale tastes ;).


PS.. Look next week for the answer to the BOLT