Something Fishy

25th-28th March 2010

The Reef Life Survey Group managed a survey trip up here in beautiful Jervis Bay for the weekend of the 26-29th March 2010.

 Reef Life Survey is a volunteer organization that uses trained recreational divers to help scientists and marine managers collect marine biodiversity data from around Australia. This weekend saw volunteers come from all around NSW; from Potato Point, Congo, Sydney, Newcastle, Nelson Bay, Laurieton and Foster. Jervis Bay has approximately 50 pre-existing sites that were established in previous years by RLS members and scientists from the University of Tasmania. The weekend was hugely successful with over 100 surveys completed from 26 different sites. RLS would like to thank all of the volunteers for their mammoth efforts over the weekend, without their expertise and support the program would not be possible. Huge thanks must also go out to Lyn, Mick, Bob and Ozzy for their wonderful hospitality onboard Ocean Trek. We were very grateful for your flexibility with dive sites, great organisational skills, and abundance of food!

Toni, RLS

"Waz and Oz are the greatest search and rescue team! They found my errant strobe.

Thanks guys." Kate Tinson

Toni rocks! Andrew

I think Iíve developed Pavlovís syndrome, every time I hear that food bell my mouth waters! Jack

Great dives for the surveys. Well and truly over Yellow tail Scads. They seem to follow me on every trip. Thanks for the trip and great food and crew support. Smash & Argo.

Great weather, great food! But I never want to see another Hulafish. Kim + Jen

Geakus supremus confuciosus Dave.

Great time, food was fantastic and it all ran smooth as clockwork. Thanks guys. Steve