A Loose Group of Sex (Sux) (Six)

5-8th March 2012 actually 2010

When living in Canberra and there is a long weekend we……….

Have a wonderful relaxing all catered for deep sea (?) adventure. Great snorkelling and awesome company…….but time goes so quickly……..!!!!

The cowboys were out, the hunt was on, weapons of choice loaded and charged. But no cameras were fired as alas no Indians not even a scout was to be seen.

Another great weekend trip on OT, aside from the lack of Red Indian fish.

Thanks to all the crew.

Happy Birthday Lyne for tomorrow.

As usual a great w/e .John Wayne has shot all the Indians ? Thanks to agreat crew .See you all in June .With a dry suite Bruce .

Jervis Bay -one mythical critter after another

The search was on, the camera was loaded, the tank was full – could I find the ‘mythical’ Red Indian Fish? It was more than half way through the dive, and that Red Indian was no-where to be seen. But, at last, it was spotted!!!! If I hadn’t finned right over the top of the beastie, I may have missed her. She was lying low next to a yellow sea tulip while pretending to be an orange sponge. The game was finally over – victory was sweet. And the search that had extended over 12 years was at an end. Twenty photos later I was satisfied and I breathed a sigh of relief that could come up and face the world. But, then another challenge – can I find the elusive Goblin Fish, said Lyn as she showed us the picture in a fish identification book. And, what about the Pygmy Pipehorse muttered Warren. Another search for the mythical creatures that inhabit Jervis Bay has commenced – will it take the next 12 years?

Mini group of ex-argo’s are back with mini me.

Melissa, Ross & Emily return to Ocean Trek with Sean. As usual we had a ball with Mick, Lyn, Wazza, Ken and Bob looking after us all. Thanks Lyn for the photo hints and setting my camera, your advice is always greatly appreciated. Thanks for taking us to the great dive sites once again – we are never disappointed with them. The diving was great and Emily enjoyed her snorkelling and built up her nerves to jump off the top of the boat. Great to see the footage of Christmas Island and nice to see the familiar faces amongst the group. We’ll be back in May with the ex-argo’s so see you soon and Happy Birthday Lyn for tomorrow. Best wishes and happy diving – Melissa, Ross & Emily.

Aqua Crew:

What a way to spend the Canberra Day Long weekend - weather was mostly fairly kind, however crew, staff and passengers more than made up for that!!! Some great diving and company. And I got to see the RED INDIAN FISH – thanks to a great dive buddy – You can come again Boris!!!! Lots of funny stories to tell; lots of water; Thanks to our great crew and Happy Birthday Lyn !!! From half of the tarts. Jude

Dave and Karen:

Back again, this time in search of the mythical Red Indian Fish and pigmy pipehorse – they remain mythical! At least there were plenty of Blue Devils, Nudis and Cuttles! A great time once again, thanks to Lyn, Mick and crew.


Hi, in the three days I was here I went for three snorkels. I saw a big blue fish, three stingrays and lots of schools fish. I also jumped off the top deck three times.

It was great! Thanks Mick and Lyn.


50 Ocean Trek dives hurray! Next time I will be in my drysuit it was too cold on the bottom L


A magic way to spend a long weekend. Having the extra day gives you a better chance to slow down and unwind. The water may have been cold this weekend, but the weather was brilliant considering how grim the forecast was. Thanks to Mick and Lyn, Ken, Bob, and Waz.


You only have to know where to look to find huge indian fish. There everywhere.

Thanks for a great weekend on the boat of Canberians. A special thanks to dive buddies extraordinaire Jude, Linda, and Kevin.

It was a pleasure diving and drinking with all on board. Hope to see you again.

Happy birthday Lyn,

x boris