The Gang

"the case of the missing bear"

1-5th Febuary 2010


First week Feb, I look for forward to it each year and am never disappointed. Great diving the vis was good and water was warm, around the 21deg mark. After nine years on board OT I finally got my first picture of the ever elusive (to me anyway) Red Indian Fish. I must have taken around 30 shots in all, by the time I left him he was shell shocked and camera shy. Anyway we had a great time on board with Lyn, Mick and Bobby, the food was fab and plentiful, the company terrific and the entertainment fun. I’m rushing home to purchase of copy of "Couplings" a pommy show that kept me laughing. Thanks Lyn and Mick for another great Feb week, look forward to 2011


The case of the "missing bear" Kimbo our much loved police officer from Sydney and a founding member of "the gang" goes everywhere with a little teddy bear, Shredder "his mascot" he says. The dreadful day on OT bear was abducted and held for ransom "one Crunchie Bar" was the price for his return. The ransom was paid but the bear didn’t appear. The owner (Kim) was stricken and almost in tears, how could someone do this to him. A second note appeared, asking for money this time, along with a scribe from the bear. Not only did the bear plead to his daddy to pay the new ransom of three gold coins but he also came out of the closet. Imagine our surprise on hearing this "it’s always the ones you least expect". It took 2 days of begging, a declaration by Kim of his love for Shredder and a dinner time heart felt plea before the bear was returned to his grateful owner. The moral of the story "never leave your teddy tucked up in your bed on board a boat full of pranksters (especially if you happen to be a grown man), you’re just asking for it. WHO ABDDUCTED THE BEAR.

Well done to Mick & Lyn on another fantastic adventure on Ocean Trek. Wonderful hosts, who leave no stone unturned in ensuring a safe and exciting adventure for all who board Ocean Trek. Bobby put on the usual plentiful mouth-watering culinary delights – I won’t need to eat for a week upon my return home.

For me, this was a return to the ocean after an enforced absence of 3+ years. As many would know, 8th May 2007 witnessed my total paralysis waist-down. Following emergency spinal surgery, and a lengthy 3+ months of rehab I was told many stories of doom & gloom e.g. you’ll never walk again…""….you’ll never dive again…"

Since the paralysis, I have climbed many mountains and now am able to walk again, albeit with the aid of a walking stick, for short distances only, otherwise I seek the sanctuary & safety of my wheelchair. Today, I am an incomplete paraplegic who lives life to it’s fullest. I play competitive wheelchair tennis (even have a "low" world ranking), umpire cricket matches, referee soccer games (albeit on smaller 40mx20m fields 5-a-side games - outdoors on grass) and now, I can proudly say I am scuba-diving once again. Now the return to diving has been far better than I ever expected. Kenny, Kimbo & Robyn accompanied me on my first post-disability dive, which was a rather emotional experience, to say the least. Sadly my legs aren’t what they used to be, but the underwater scooter certainly was a treat from the second dive onwards. I have now accomplished 6 dives, a total of just over 5 hours underwater since my paralysis. The anxiety, fears, apprehension and pain have all been very real factors, though it goes to show you, with the support & assistance of friends & loved ones, you really can achieve your goals, continuing to enjoy life to it’s fullest.

So to Lyn, Mick, Kenny, Kimbo, Teddy, Robyn & others….thank you for helping me to reclaim another part of my pre-disability lifestyle! I look forward to the next chapter.

Mark the shark


I have only been part of the "Gang Trip" since 2004. I was created in 2003 and given to Kimmo a gift, I’m hand made and normally retail for $150.Since becoming a teddy bear I have always been with Kimmo and have travelled everywhere with him. I have always enjoyed my time on OT but this time I was Kidd Napped by ruthless SOB. It was horrible I was kept in the dark depth of OT in the dark cold but dry. They didn’t feed and they threatened me. It was horrible, but I’m OK now and Kimmo and I are together again.


This is I think my 10th Gang trip onboard OT and as usual the company and the diving was great. Bobby the cook was entertaining and the food was excellent especially the desserts. The only dampener on the trip was the disappearance of Teddy who has travelled all over the world with me. No matter where I travel to Teddy has always been there.

The kidnapping of Teddy (Shredder) was very upsetting for me and to think that one of my fellow passengers was responsible, beggars belief, but it is behind us now and we must move forward and put the unpleasantness to rest.

The next trip will be full of adventure and excitement, as well as mystery.

Kimmo (bear’s friend)

So long and thanks for all the fish – Steve

Another great 5 day adventure aboard Ocean Trek. Fine company, extra fine food, some excellent diving, grey nurses, bull rays, playful octopus, and copious shoals of fish etc. etc.

Thanks muchly to Lyn, Mick & Bob for their excellent service and hospitality.

Christine & Geoff B.

Sensational week again…the boys were missing…bunch of slack arses! Anyway, in spite of their collective absences more of the usual suspects are here and we had a wonderful time anyway. I thoroughly enjoyed my time catching up with old and dear friends. As an added bonus I got to fulfil a promise to a good mate to take him diving again. In spite of the obvious disability we both have…stuff the lot of them, we had a awesome time and look forward to doing it all again. See you all again soon, especially my mate Mark.




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