Who’s on Top

29th January 2010

What started as an idea to get Charmaine (me) & Heike back into the water after quite a long break (as anyone would know when you have a child, its just not as easy as it was before) turned into the first of hopefully many more JBDC Annual girls weekend on Oceantrek. After many emails and Lyn asking me who’s coming and me asking Lyn who’s coming we ended up with twelve girls (or should I say women) from the club booked on for the weekend and Robyn and Kim (token maleJ ) who were on for the whole week.

Lyn Chittick commenced the weekend with many of the quotes that surprisingly had a sexual connotation to it – "so who’s on top" and of course this became the title for the weekend. Or the other option could have been "I’m going to bear it!!! – So did she mean bear it or bear bear it?"

There was one other notable quote, which I’ll leave up to Jenny Sim (aka "Velcro") to tell, hopefully later on!!!

Before we get much further many thanks to Lyn for the urgent repairs to our gear and the support given to us as a few of us had not been in the water for extended periods of time. And of course not to be forgotten Mick for the social entertainment (Sue K is still feeling the effects of Friday night), Ken (I will just check or quickly fix that problem for you) and Karen for the constant supply of food.

AND one of the people that I really need to thank is Sue King for her wetsuit and booties on Sunday (yes I went wet wet all weekend) and Robyn Brydson for her booties on Sunday (its wonderful when there are other big footed women aroundJ ).

Well I was one that ended up on top…

Had a wonderful time diving with many that I hadn’t dived with before. Our first, quite unorganised dive at the Nursery Steps (and beyond) left us with a long surface swim however Mick came to the rescue and brought all of Trekie with him (we were just expecting a tow from Priscilla) Second time lucky, and with a nominated navigator (me), we managed to find the Nursery Steps and our way back to the boat, two very fun dives.

An awesome time with the girls, will definitely try to come next year.

Thanks to everyone, crew and divers, who made the weekend such an enjoyable time.


Kim (male),

Well what can I say. The only male on the all girls weekend diving tip aboard Ocean Trek. All of the girls were charming and friendly (in the nicest way to me). I had an excellent time diving and the company was also excellent. If allowed I would most certainly come back for the next all girls diving trip,

Oh! The diving was also very good, plenty to see and photograph. The conditions were good and the water clear (for Jervis Bay that is).

Thanks to Charmaine & Heike for organising the weekend. It was great to catch up with everyone after my 3 years in Sydney. Didn’t dive as usual but had a great trip anyway, I love being on Ocean Trek. Great food and good company. Maybe next time I’ll get wet. (yeah right you’ve heard that one before ). Sue K.

What a fantastic opportunity to dive and relax ……. Even if I stuck to my super dive buddy (Lynn C) "like Velcro" on my first dive. I didn’t mean to be pesky …. Sorry Lynn! After my initial nerves evaporated we had some fantastic dives and made a great navigating pair ….. Rossco will be impressed when he learns that Lynn even used her compass as more than a diving accessory. Thanks to all who organised the weekend and the crew of Ocentrek. Jenny S

MMmmm…where do I start. After suffering 2 ‘black eye’s’ after my first dive (thanks Ken) I’ll stick to my own mask from now on. All dive sites were awesome along with my buddies. Lucy was the best navigator who made it easy to follow. Thanks to the team of Ocean Trek who it comfortable. Special thanks to JB Divers who made me feel part of the team. Sue Duno

Good to get away without the boys and to be able to fend for ourselves. A great weekend and good companionship thanks everyone. Konnie

After not diving for a while, it was good to get the wetsuit wet and the regulator working. A small problem with my BCD on the first dive which Lyn quickly rectified and I was back in the water again.

3 dives Saturday, a long sleep in Sunday meant I missed breakfast and the first dive. To consolate me I have a snorkel with the scooter. The last dive was fine. Thanks to Charmaine for organising a great weekend. That’s a lot Ocean Trek Crew. Geraldine Smith