Australia Day 2010

22-26th January 2010

Awesome Vis…. Great Critters… Jervis Bay and Ocean Trek turned it all on for the Australia Day long weekend!!


FINALLY we cracked it. After many Aus Day weekends where the diving gods haven’t looked after us- green cold water and very ordinary weather-, this time they smiled on us big time. Calm flat seas, good weather- although a bit more sunshine would have been nice- but most of all viz, viz, viz and warm water.

Add to that the usual O T brilliant crew, food and the Australia Day Party on Sunday night made this most definitely one to remember. Thanks to Mick, Lyn, Warren, Andrew and Hatty for looking after us and giving such a wonderful time. Brent and Wendy.

Had an amazing time on Australia day trip. Great people and fantastic crew. Make you feel very welcome and safe. The food was great thanks to the galley wench for all her hard work. Could not think of a better way to spend money and value for money. Oh yeah the party. Arthur will be back… Big thanks to Dave for his organization and dive 2000.

WICKED…Mark Walton

Amazing – I saw my first Red Indian Fish!!!! The jinks in broken thanks to Chrisie who tenaciously sifted through the kelp at the Docks and found the little bugger. One problem – my camera battery ran out 5 minutes before when I was playing with the Maori wrasse and Eastern Blue Devil Fish who were scoffing the prawn heads generously by Viv from her gigantean lunch fest. Anyway, I digress, we were looking at the RIFF and I was mortified but then thought (tip for others in future situations like this) – what if the battery had recovered a little – well knock me down with a basil brush if it didn’t fire up again and I had half a dozen shots off before Brook pointed out that we were going into deco and we had to beat a hasty retreat. The joys of diving…. Chris (Nemo)

I was watching my buddy ride a fishing rod like a witch rides a broom stick when I realised he was twenty meters away and I thought to myself…we’re not in Sydney anymore! Every time I come here I see something different, and this time I’ve seen so much I don’t even know where to begin…I’ve also seen a lot of male butt cleavage but I guess I told him to come so that’s my bad! My highlights include the best vis I’ve ever seen down here and consistently so the whole trip, so I’ll be rubbing Scott’s face in that, and several very cooperative Blue Devil Fish…even though everyone else took much better photos than me! (I knew I should have kicked it harder when I left it!)

Thanks for a wonderful holiday and the best one down here yet, although I end up saying that every time…also…that weird stain in my room that looks kind of like an upside down seahorse…that wasn’t me… Troy Deacon