Christmas Is

11-19th January 2010

A compact group of 10 (so as to fit in hire cars easily) ventured to Christmas Is to seek out the possibly elusive Whale Sharks. We found them relatively easily along with a multitude of RED crabs, blue crabs and robber crabs. Also in the clear 60m plus plus plus viz a huge array of other fish. Schooling giant scallop HAMMERHEADS, MANTAS, DOLPHIN FISH and 3 encounters with WHALE SHARKS.

The first two small whale sharks on the surface feeding (about 4m in length)  provided us 30-40second encounters. The whale sharks were curious and would swim in and out and through our group within a metre giving us all angle views before slowly disappearing into the blue.

The 3rd whale shark we encountered on scuba at 30m. This was a big 9m whale shark majestically gliding past at about 5m away. It also was around  42seconds. The times sound short but the sheer size of the fish that they were made it seems much much longer experience (but video time codes are exact).

 To see the worlds largest fish so close up and swimming so gracefully , leaves a awesome visual and emotional impression.

Naturally there were many more visual sights but underwater and on land but that's for you to see yourselves





Rabbit hunting technique for Whale Sharks


Thanks to Lyn for organizing yet another amazing quickie experience.