My Compass Wont Work

Dive Centre Bondi & Dive Centre Manly

What a great way to spend a weekend away from Sydney. Meet new and interesting people, great hospitality from the crew and not to forget the great diving. It was a marvellous weekend, thank you very much Ocean Trek.

Once upon a time there were two girls who went diving together. They were told ‘do not go east,.’ they were told ‘you cannot get lost,’ they were told ‘the boat is that way.’ But they did get lost, the boat was not ‘that way,’ and forever after that, they were known as the girls who kept getting lost. Thanks for a great weekend Ocean Trek, with great diving and cool company.

The girls thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and learnt a lot about navigation on the way. You see on Sunday we managed to pop up right near the boat. We won’t talk about three of the Saturday dives though! (it was fun being towed back to the boat, thanks Andrew!!).

Unfortunately it was not Andrew!! It was Darth Vader on a day off. He told the girls they were twins and that he was really their father and that together they could rule the universe from his new and improved convertible Death Star…wow the girls thought, this dude has a really bad speech impediment but he did offer a lift and the convertible "whatever it is Star" sounds cool. So off they went on another adventure…thanks Ocean Trec…or should that be Star…maybe Kirk, Spock and the lads can pick the girls up for their return journey…tune in next time J

The crew on the treky thought we were fading fast so fed we were. Food kept coming and coming and coming. Karly the chef would not wain. Food and more food, our bellies could no longer rumble. Andrew and Ian were in on this too. Mick and Lyn wow what a treat ,Thankyou all for a great feast.