Dirty Water

Friday the 13th November 2009

Well was it an omen or just a myth. Our happy little group set off as usual from Husky wharf to board Ocean Trek for a great weekend of diving.

There was Francis, Ross, Dave, Fred, Yanne, Simon, Glenn, Damien, Patrice, Richard, Cherie & Kev all keen some on a nitrox course, some specialist photographers and the rest just great divers.

Well what happened.................DIRTY WATER............Everywhere Mick tried and he tried Darts Point, Pt Perpendicular, Docks, Fish Rock, Weedy Valley (very early in the morning at High Tide) & Nursery.

Well this weekend Jervis Bay didn't perform, interesting critters to find. Baby Eastern Blue Devils, Large Bull Rays, numerous Port Jacksons, real big mothers of Wobbegong Sharks ,cuttlefish and stacks of weedies of course. But not the best viz

Well Harriett's cooking shone out filling everyone's stomachs and the entertainment Friday night Well was entertaining.

Well was it Friday the 13th weekend ?