What Happened to the Party

20th April 2008

Dive Centre Manly - Brenda – Another great trip. 6 wonder and different dives, unbelievable marine life, fun and friendly divers and yummy food – you couldn’t ask for more….. there was even a dolphin to guide us back to shore. I can’t wait to come back again. Thanks for another great weekend!

Paula – Did 1 dive on Saturday morning and what can I say…..it wasn’t good! After loads and loads of dives but a year since I had been in the water I freaked myself out and only lasted a long 1 min and about .5 of a metre. Never fear though I’ll be back another time. Oh and if you are wondering what happened on the Sunday – the flu set in, something that I had been trying to get rid of since during the week so I would be right for diving……maybe my mind and body knew something I didn’t! I’ve been told to write something really good about the party that happened on the Saturday night…..but…..huh?…..what party?! Fast asleep by 9pm and couldn’t’ hear a thing! They must be lying!!!! J

Rory - Wow, the world in 2 days!

Rain sunshine, wind cold and hot.

Was sceptical when we arrived, into a tinny then into the darkness.

Great group, just here for what we can see, do and share.

Have to come back…

Thanks to the crew and especially the cook!

All-in-all a wonderful experience – my first diving in Australia.

Becky – Great two days diving, with great group of people…. And lots of space on the boat. Lots of varied sites for diving.. but the most memorable will have to be ‘The Gap’ or maybe it should be renamed ‘Washing Machine’.. ! Brenda & Matt I am sure will agree… But great dives and great to see Bull Rays, lots of Baby Port Jackson's and Grey Nurse Sharks. Will definitely recommend to others and try to come again. Thanks to all the crew and Carley for the great food."

Matt-I have been staring at Bowen Island ever since I first came to Jervis Bay, wondering what exotic creatures lie beneath the sea?. "Well I have most definitely answered that question this past weekend". Now I am even more intrigued to find out what other secrets Jervis Bay has to offer. I had a fantastic time on six very unique dives this past weekend, and have learned a lot about the surrounding area and how to scuba! Thanks to the crew and the group. I had a very memorable experience.

Alison – I had no expectations as I’d only done 6 dives before I came onboard but had I known I was going to see the awesome fish, sharks, dragons, eggs etc etc (you get the idea) I would have booked my trip earlier. I had a great time, although I may have put on 5 kilos from all the yum food!!

Peter - This is my 4th time and still the great standards of food and diving. It is a shame the water was so warm…. 180C water temp was a little too warm…. well at least this was the warmest that I have every experienced in the bay. This vis was great and the fish life was, again, impressive. The baby PJs at Murray’s Sand line were impressive. Thanks again Mick and Lynn + the rest of the crew. As I have said before "I will return" .. and I will again.

Mitch – I have been diving here since I was 12 and this has been the best time yet. The great diving, food, accommodation has surpassed my standards of a good trip. The staff were very nice and helpful which made this holiday a lot better. The diving this trip was great, the only thing that I didn’t see was an angle shark, but other than that I saw everything I would have wanted to see. I am looking foreword to my next voyage on "Ocean Trek". Thanks.

Alana- Thanks Lyn and Mick for another great trip – well looked after as usual. Although a bit of a challenge at the start the Gap and the grey nurse sharks made it all worthwhile. Too bad Peter couldn't keep a buddy. See you in a few weeks!